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“I was referred to La Atelier by a cousin who had used their services before and had very good feedback to share. And I am very glad I decided to go with them.

Some of the main callouts of my experience with La Atelier is great ownership of the work just like it was their own, great ideas, great taste and aesthetic sensibility. I love the way my entire house has turned out. I have only received compliments from guests who have been very keen to know who did my interiors. If anyone is looking for a great interior designer to do up their house, I would absolutely recommend La Atelier."

“It was a delight for us to have you design our home, we just couldn't have done it otherwise.

There was such attention to detail, every small issue was looked into and taken care of. Now that we are living in our new home, we realise how every detail and all the aspects of comfort have been ensured. We really appreciate your insistence on false ceiling and ambiance light, I can now see and understand the difference it makes to the entire room's look. The theme for every room was designed and consistently followed, which brought a unique quality to each room, also the choice of colors and texture completed the look for each room.

You have a keen eye for design and aesthetics and it is your biggest advantage. We thank you for all your effort, and we wish you great opportunities to showcase your talent.”

“Where do I begin? This project of doing up a less than 400 sft home in Puttaparthi was given to me by my dearest friend Lubna Panwar. She lives in Delhi and has bought this small apartment in Puttaparthi for times when she would want to come there for some peace and quiet.

When the project came to me, I had no idea who I was going to contact to execute this. La Atelier had advertised in the brookfields/whitefield informer & shopper, the yellow pages that I publish. I had never met them, only spoken to them on the phone. I felt that I should meet with them and see how it goes. The moment my husband & I met them, we instantly liked them. After just that first meeting when we saw their work, we decided that they should take over the project.

From start to finish, it didn't feel like a take over to a hand over. The vibe we shared was awesome and we both felt like we were decorating our home.

La Atelier team is a very unassuming, soft spoken, ever smiling who is great to work with. Extremely professional without losing the personal touch, they share a great rapport with their support staff, which is one of the key factors when it comes to on time delivery and perfect execution of any project. Their updates were always there on time. The challenge was to make this small house a home, with all amenities in place. The space saving designs they came up with were great. The end result; a very cosy home complete with all frills yet looking very spacious.

I found that they were willing to go that extra length to make things just the way they should be. They were very patient when it came to time taken to making choices of fabrics, paint colour etc. It was especially tough as the project was out of town and needed a lot of coordination.

I have no hesitation in saying that engaging La Atelier for this project was absolute value for money, in every way possible.

Needless to say, the look of awe and admiration on the face of Lubna Panwar , when she stepped into her finished home was worth all the effort, time & money spent. In fact not just her, even Lubna's relatives who had seen the apartment in its bare look could not believe that it was the same house. A very special thanks from LUBNA & HER FAMILY.

I surely look forward to working with you again. Would recommend La Atelier to one & all with all my heart .”

“I was not sure initially if this interior designing work for my new house at Mana Pristine, Bangalore, can be possible because me and my family we were abroad. But then after getting this project executed by you, I have no doubt that if we have a committed partner like you this can be done WITHOUT ANY GLICHES!!.

I have never had an experience where I can say, I have got what I had wanted, especially when it’s a creative field its very rare to be fully satisfied with the final product. But with the completion of the interior works in my house, I got this satisfaction. And when I finally visited the house with my wife, we were delightfully surprised to see the house, it looked absolutely like we had envisioned and may be even better.

Regarding your service, I should say, there was never a moment where I had to worry about anything. You were always a step ahead in realizing our need and suggesting good ideas and taking care of any problems that we encountered. Especially, in my case because I had to get this work done while me and my family were remote. I appreciate your patience and dedication to get things going and sometimes you insisting on certain things, that helped this project to get over well ahead of the committed time lines and within budget. The fact that you completed the interiors with an aggressive timeline of 35 days without compromising on the finish of the interiors was also commendable.

The best part of this experience was that, this entire work was completed without we meeting face to face even once. And when we finally met, there was nothing pending from you nor from me, that’s what I would like to call a perfect partnership. Thanks for doing such a great job. I would certainly refer you to anyone who is planning to do their Home Interiors, because you have the local knowledge, creativity, dedication and a skilled team to execute such projects. Thanks again for doing such a fine job!!”

“Buying an apartment had been very tough for us but wonderful experience. Compromising every weekends going around, reading almost every add in the Sat newspaper, property times, talking to the dealers, skipping lunch finally paid off. But when it came to decorating and furnishing the interior, we realized we needed help. La Atelier understood immediately what we wanted and more importantly our budget that everyone go thru post buying a property I guess. Their advice and guidance proved invaluable. They have a pretty good knowledge of suppliers who we would never have found ourselves, and subtle ideas that we would never have thought ourselves. Importantly, they never lost sight of the look and feel that we wanted. We have been particularly impressed by their emphasis on designing stuff that was usable as well as beautiful. Fabulous experience!!”

“We are very much pleased with La Atelier's interiors work at our place; They are true consultants + excellent architects + solid managers; Their design is very contemporary (as requested by us) and has an energized team to work on those very unique custom-built design elements; They were responsible for end-to-end of our interiors work. Their design is a function of our life style, our requirements, the in-thing in the market, creativity and what is feasible in the budget that we gave them. We wish them all the very best for their future endeavors.”

“We engaged La Atelier to design our new home in Brookfields. La Atelier is a professional in every sense of the word. They have the skill of design that made our home beautiful and more importantly functional. The best part was that they integrated ideas from both my husband and me. Using their creativity they were able to incorporate our personal taste in every room. Each room flows beautifully with a distinct theme. The dull looking kitchen was transformed into a sleek, modern and most importantly workable kitchen. La Atelier was also valuable in sourcing items at reasonable prices which we would not have been able to find. Their integrity and genuine care meant so much to us as well as their ability to finish the project on time. By understanding what is important to our family La Atelier has helped us create a home that truly reflects who we are. We will highly recommend La Atelier for the uniquely remarkable services.”

“Wanted to let you know I am very happy with the work you have done at my place. The final look has come out the way I had visualized and in some places even beyond that. My biggest concern while getting carpentry work done at home was always the final look and finish and that is really good in this case. All the other work with the faux ceilings and walls also look very neat. The work was completed within committed time as well as the estimated cost which is quite a delighter. You guys have done a fabulous job of coordination, supervision and execution of the project. Thanks for all your consulting with the designs/colors etc. Your flexibility all along has helped me on many counts during the process. I would like to engage you for all of my future requirements and definitely recommend to interested parties.”

“When my new home was into the interior phase, we were working with the tight squeeze on the budget. La Atelier team helped me out with the color scheme for the wall painting, layout planning, woodwork designing and the window shades /curtains. Designing and color scheme was good and shades were value for money. When I have money to splurge for my future designing requirements, I hope they will have the time (as I see them very successful in their desire to create great experiences for others). They have worked with one of my friends and they too have a positive vibe for La Atelier.....”

“Our engagement with La Atelier for home interiors was extremely good. The excellent planning and proposals for the work was well complemented by good execution and follow-through to meet the estimated schedule and costing. The aesthetics and quality of the work is also extremely well appreciated.”


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